Care & Maintenance

How To Clean & Maintain Your Cabinets

View the care and maintenance tips below to keep your kitchen, bathroom or cabinets in any area of your home clean and in optimal condition.

  • Routine Cleaning: Wipe with soft damp cloth with warm water, drying immediately with a soft, dry clean cloth.
  • Food residue or Oil / Grease: These items may require a fresh solution of mild dish soap mixed with warm water in order to get the cabinets clean.
  • Wood Doors: Use a non-wax based cleaner that is designed specifically for wood cabinets or mild soap mixed with water. Avoid acidic or ammonia based cleaners.
  • Avoid Moisture: In all cases after wiping surfaces with a clean damp cloth, follow up with a clean dry cloth to ensure all moisture has been absorbed and surface is completely dry. Excessive moisture on cabinetry is the enemy of any finish or wood product. Do not allow water or any liquids to be in contact outside or inside for prolonged periods of time.

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